Experienced, technology-agnostic renewable energy consulting and design-build solutions


At Energy Canvas, we understand the amazing potential, but also the limitations, of integrating wind power into a renewable energy ecosystem. MORE

Solar PV

We have extensive experience designing and building solar photovoltaic installations. We specialize in remote arctic and tropical communities. MORE

Solar Thermal

Solar hot water is a mature and low-risk technology, with very low technology risk and long-term benefits. MORE

Biomass Boilers

Carbon-neutral dependable heat energy, with a reliable, easily transported fuel source. Biomass boiler systems are perfect for remote communities transitioning from diesel. MORE


Keeping up with the ever-changing battery market is a full-time job! We have a handle on the power and physical tech specs of a wide range of options. MORE

Flow Cell Batteries

A promising and exciting field, ready to bring renewables into much wider general usage, flow-cell battery technolgy is here now. MORE


An old technology reinvented – flywheels are an excellent voltage regulator for wind and hydro power installations, protecting infrastructure and investments. MORE


Power management technology that stabilizes industrial, closed and micro-grids, taking stress off generators, and increasing system efficiency. MORE

Heat & Cold Storage

Diverse applications for diverse situations – both heat and cold storage comes in a wide range of tech, and is an easy way to boost overall system efficiency. MORE

Power to Heat (P2H)

Emerging integrated solutions are affording system designers a look at previously-inefficient use cases that actually perform well in specific scenarios. MORE

Solar + Storage

Tried and true, solar and battery storage systems go hand-in-hand. We’ve designed and built these for a wide range of environments. MORE

System Integration Challenges

Each specific combination of components in an integrated installation demands a deep understanding of how it fits into the whole system. MORE

Integrated Diesel Offset Systems

We specialise in working with diesel generator-powered industrial backup and off-grid communities, integrating renewables into the equation with a game plan. MORE

Total System Integration (TSI)

Maximising asset utilisation and efficiency of all the components in an energy system ensures performance and reliability, but does this happen by sacrificing durability and longevity? Sizing the system appropriately, while also integrating appropriate condition monitoring methods and business systems, allow for a more robust system and asset. MORE

Internet of Things Communications (IoT)

This next-gen internet technology offers a range of efficiency scenarios, allowing vital components in a system to speak to each other and send live data for monitoring. MORE

Demand-side Management (DSM)

Through various applications and system adjustments we can help smooth usage peaks and valleys to make the most efficient use of renewable energy systems and increase return on investment. MORE

Energy Infrastructure Resiliency

Whether building in resiliency to a new system or adding fail-safe components to existing infrastructure, planning for failure is critical. MORE