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Happy New Year 2022

Energy Canvas wishes everyone a Happy New Year! May 2022 be a successful next step towards zero-emission economies, to your businesses and to your families. While enjoying far too many baked goods, board games with the family, and good times around the dinner table during the holiday season, we have also been looking forward [...]

Happy New Year 20222022-01-07T21:30:09+00:00

ETC 2021: Post-exhibition Thoughts!

We had a blast building new connections and reconnecting with old ones at the Electricity Transformation Canada Exhibition 2021 last week! Energy Canvas would like to thank CanREA and Hannover Fairs USA for making this happen. We are thrilled to be part of Canada’s future in renewable energy.

ETC 2021: Post-exhibition Thoughts!2021-12-10T22:04:52+00:00

Meet & Greet: Solar Sensors

With solar photovoltaic modules relying on irradiance to produce energy, solar resource sensors are a must to include in a solar project measurement campaign. In this post, we will be introducing our selection of solar sensors, such as pyranometers, pyrheliometers, and the sun trackers that support them! Pyranometers: Different models for different purposes Pyranometers [...]

Meet & Greet: Solar Sensors2022-07-04T20:08:36+00:00

Visit Energy Canvas at Electricity Transformation Canada 2021 Exhibition

Energy Canvas is excited to be hosting a booth at the Electricity Transformation Canada 2021 Exhibition. This event will be a great opportunity for us to connect in person, so come find us at booth #310! See you there! November 17-19, 2021 electricitytransformation.ca

Visit Energy Canvas at Electricity Transformation Canada 2021 Exhibition2021-11-11T06:00:51+00:00

Let’s Connect at Energy and Mines Virtual World Congress

Energy Canvas will be attending Energy and Mines World Congress 2021! We have been interested in mining and reliable hybrid energy systems based on renewable resources for many years, with aims of becoming involved in the future of net-zero mining. See you there! November 9-10, 2021 worldcongress.energyandmines.com

Let’s Connect at Energy and Mines Virtual World Congress2021-11-11T05:59:53+00:00

Meet & Greet: T/RH Sensors & Weather Shields

In the previous Meet & Greet, we discussed integrating barometers into renewable energy projects and measurement campaigns. Since air pressure, temperature (T), and relative humidity (RH) impact each other, we usually recommend installing T/RH sensors in combination with barometers to better characterize the local conditions. In today’s post, we will be introducing the advantages [...]

Meet & Greet: T/RH Sensors & Weather Shields2022-07-04T20:04:05+00:00

Meet & Greet: Air Pressure Sensors

It’s no surprise that renewable energy projects reliant on site conditions benefit greatly from accurately understanding the ambient environment. With this Meet & Greet series, we’ve talked about anemometers that sense wind speed and wind vanes that detect wind direction. The next piece of the puzzle is understanding air mass or air density. To [...]

Meet & Greet: Air Pressure Sensors2022-07-04T20:00:29+00:00

Meet & Greet: Wind Vanes

In our first Meet & Greet, we had the pleasure getting acquainted with the vertical-axis cup anemometers. Well, the cup anemometer’s partner in crime is the wind vane since they work together to provide measurement data on wind speed and wind direction, respectively. Without further ado, let’s have a meet with our wind vanes! [...]

Meet & Greet: Wind Vanes2022-07-04T19:58:51+00:00

Meet & Greet: Data Loggers

In our last Meet & Greet, we talked about anemometers, which are wind speed sensors. But what’s the point of installing all sorts of sensor equipment if the data has no place to go? In today’s post, we will be taking a dive into data loggers! If a meteorological station were a person, the [...]

Meet & Greet: Data Loggers2022-07-04T19:57:17+00:00

Meet & Greet: Anemometers

Canadian meteorologist John Patterson developed the first 3-cup anemometer in 1926. Today, we celebrate the 3-cup anemometer’s 95th anniversary! This post marks the first of a multi-part Meet & Greet series on meteorological equipment available here at Energy Canvas. Today, we are excited to kick-start the series with the four main types of anemometers [...]

Meet & Greet: Anemometers2022-07-04T19:56:03+00:00
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